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In the US and all around the world yoga is now immensely popular as a dynamic workout that combines concentration with building an amazing body. Yoga has moved on from an ancient spiritual path to a 21st century body awareness practice that will bring you both physical and mental strength. Traditional, static styles have been replaced by elegant choreographies that are lead by the breath. All around the world fit yogis are inventing amazing transitions, such as handstands or headstands in a breath. And now it is available to you too. A workout that vibrates through your day. Learning to focus on the space your breath can create in your body, even when sweating hard, will help you find balance and strength in your every day life. However hard we work out, there's always room for the breath. Spiritual involvement in the practice is a personal process, that will evolve from this awareness of the breath. With Amazon Yoga we combine the popular funky, fun Vinyasa style with body shaping techniques of Primal Moves and amazing poses and transitions. In an 1,5h session you will feel every muscle in your body. And you will SWEAT.* *In style, cause we also have some goodies. ;-)
Bubbly yet serious teacher! Fun classes, enjoy! :)
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Jacqueline is a great yoga teacher. She is very happy and friendly but still focused during the practice. She will make a lot of adjustments! Would love to yoga with Jacky every day!

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Right from the release of the equinox videos that changed the view on yoga, Jacky got inspired by this new style of yoga. She decided to train with Briohny Smyth and Dice Iida-Klein, considered the leading handstand gurus of the yogaworld. They combine a strong, flowy Vinyasa practice with challenging inversions, such as going from a head/handstand to a planck. Their method of including inversions and a lot of corework in a class, changed her view on yoga. Much in the style of her teachers, Jacky likes to focus on the perfection of muscular engagement. This will help prevent injuries in the long term, and will also maximize the effect you gain each practice. And will make you superstrong and sexy :-). The huge involvement that is required of the core for moving from handstands etc into a flow, is a big challenge for many students. With Amazon Yoga, Jacky combines traditional techniques with animal moves from workout hype Primal Moves. Moving as free as a kid in a playground, while getting a hardcore workout make for fun classes and make complicated inversions much more accesible in no time! Now, Jacky is bringing these handstand practices to you – with building on Yoga Imperium that brings you the locations to enjoy these classes. And the fashion to look hot while at it! ;-)
Schedule & Prices

Economy Class – 1 H classes

Come and dance those muscles! Get into the flow and get your yoga practice started! This is a class, where we focus on tuning your Vinyasa to the breath. And usually a little kick to boost the energy is added. Warning: soon you will be addicted and crave more yoga.

Business Class – 1,5H classes

There's Vinyasa, there's breathing, there are tunes, but there's also one kick-ass pose we will look into. Get into the challenge and -just as important- the chill! To give maximum attention to body alignment, there's always an assistant teacher present during Business Classes.

VIP Class- 1,5 H sessions

I have done a private session with Amazon and that 1,5 hour class was one of the best classes I've ever done. I always remind myself of their comments during other classes. - Niki Lundberg, Stockholm


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